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Recently I was in the shopping mall  and I happened to hear a conversation between some people discussing their dislike for this black girl’s hairstyle who had just previously walked by. One of them called the girl’s  hairstyle “ghetto”, then followed up by saying  “I hate when black girls put all them colors in their hair”. It led me to ask this question, what is ghetto really?  Because I have seen similar hairstyles with Caucasian women never labeled as ghetto. The word “ghetto” has a negative stigma attached to it and it seems like ghetto has become synonymous for “Black People”.
What determines whether something is Ghetto or not? Why do some people consider one ghetto and not the other? Is being crafty with the supplies available to me ghetto?  Is being creative while black unacceptable? Does the price of something determine whether you should consider it ghetto or not? Or maybe I’m wrong…. Please do share your thoughts….


You’re exactly right. Just like when Black people improvise, it’s ghetto, but let a middle-to-upper class white person do it, it’s a lifehack, or being thrifty, or economical, or thinking out of the box, or brilliant, or whatever.

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I just got off the site. I had a massive anxiety attack and I remember seeing chesca’s facebook post last night and since was busy they suggested this page and I got help. The listener was super helpful and you never know when you might need help.

This was the second time I’ve had an attack in my life and it was definitely more intense and I’m really glad there are resources like this to help out in times of need. Thank God for the internet.

So don’t be afraid to share, you never know who you end up helping. 

suicunerider asked:

This has been confusing me for a while. if a person in real life is abused, is born into poverty etc. *basically has a shitty early life and manages to crawl out of it* it's perfectly okay, and we sympathize with that person and their hardships. However, when a character goes through these same circumstances, fan or not (usually fan) it's frowned upon by most communities, and the character in question is automatically written off as a Sue because of how their past was written. Why is this?


now this isn’t true.

the majority of the time a character with a heavily criticised poor background or an abusive background is written by an author who hasn’t experienced it. Therefore they don’t know what it’s like and the character will be overly dramatic about it or unrealistic or inconsistent. I myself grew up with money being an issue so I am irritated to see supposedly poor characters getting bought cars for sweet sixteens and going shopping with friends every weekend when the author goes on and on about how poor they are.

I know of people who had abusive childhoods who hate seeing characters that have abusive backgrounds but are magically okay with being intimate with their love interest. It doesn’t work like that.

These writers don’t care about portraying impoverished or abused people correctly. They only care about creating a dramatic story and rather than relying on the plot or character development they rely on sensationalist tropes like poverty or abuse to do the work for them.

You want a well written abuse victim? Look at Cercei or Sansa in Game of Thrones.

You want a well written story about poverty? Look at A Taste of Honey, it was written about the area I was born in, trust me, even 50 years later it’s still accurate.

It’s not poverty or abuse that are the problem in fiction, it’s bad writing. It always will be.

I would like to chime in and point out that this happens with chronic/fatal illness too. There are actually actual sick people reading your sappy romanticized sick character.  This goes for mental illnesses as well. Disorders are not personality quirks. Romanticizing illness for a dramatic story is disgusting. 


Hey, folks, I need your help.

I’m developing serious new symptoms, and I’m becoming less and less functional.
I have only three weeks until finals, and I’m working on my internship, so I don’t have time for this nonsense!

I stopped into the school clinic today, and they pretty much just rolled their eyes and told me to go to the hospital. I can’t afford to add to my stack of unpaid ER bills, and we all know the high quality of care I’d receive there…

Basically, I need to see my regular doctor.

I haven’t gone in nearly a year, because I am uninsured, and I can’t afford it.

It’s a $75 payment up front (not including labs), and right now rent is due on Tuesday, and I’ve received 48-hour shut off notices for our power, gas, and phone. So I cannot even afford to pay my basic necessity bills, let alone “splurge” on a doctor’s visit.

D is working a lot of odd jobs and tattooing to earn money on the side, but our little shop has taken a big dip in regular sales, so it’s just not enough to cover all our bases.

If you can help, there’s a donate button on the bottom right side of this blog, or you can visit my lovely little store here:

Please signal boost. I’m sick, I’m scared, I don’t know what to do…




Hey guys. I never thought I’d be doing this but it’s gotten to the point where I’m so desperate for help, and I have seen people raise money on tumblr before. I’m so sorry to subject you to this but it would mean the world to me if you could just read my story.

In the above picture, as you may recognise, is me, with my beautiful sister Skye. This picture was taken last year on a cruise with our grandparents. It was one of the happiest times, just Skye and I with no parents.

When I was 9 my parents divorced. My sister and I lived with my mum and the years that we lived with her we spent fearing for our lives. She had a severe drug addiction and a boyfriend who would abuse us in a number of ways. She was never sober enough to stop it even if it happened before her eyes. She would deny it happened or assure us that he was a nice guy, even after he pushed her down the stairs. She also lives in an area that has been broken into many times and is known for fights, I was once chased down the street by two boys threatening to rape me, and a man who had been stabbed burst through our door in the middle of the night covered in blood and asking for help. 

To escape all this, my sister and I moved in with our dad, but things are no better. He is out every night with women and coms home drunk and abusive. He manipulates and humiliates us for our “failures” including not stacking the dishes and not matching the peg colours on the washing. He screams that he hates me because I’m just like my Mum. He has OCD and anger management issues. Furthermore he is stealing money from my sister and I and using it to buy alcohol and cigarettes instead of food. We don’t have enough to eat and when we ask for food he will call us greedy and fat. He is so good at manipulation that nobody we have told, including our grandparents (his parents), believes that this is happening.

I am now 18 and can legally move out, however in order to take my sister with me I will need emergency housing that caters for young women and students in need. I have never lived away from home before and do not know of the costs, not to mention the bills and furniture I will need to buy. My sister is 16 and I will need to put her through school while supporting myself at university. I have two options, move out and take my sister to a safe and caring environment, or stay and let her suffer even more abuse. Frankly, I’m terrified. I don’t even know if I’m doing the right thing. All I know is that I want to get away and I have nowhere else to go, and I want to become my sister’s legal guardian and give her a better life.
But we need help. Even a few dollars or an old appliance or piece of furniture that you no longer need. Every little thing helps. If you can’t donate, even just knowing there are people out there who support me will help a great deal.

Also reblogging and spreading the word will help greatly, but I ask that you please do not share on facebook as I cannot risk my dad seeing it. This is for the safety of my sister and I.

Here is my GoFundMe link, and once again I’m so sorry.

this girl is top A+ check out her story

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