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His skin tone is like half a shade lighter in real life. 

Like?? I never thought of Martok as brown, even.
I’d agree with you maybe if he was as dark as, say, Worf, but Martok is really light.

dude okay let’s just pretend for a second martok’s make up doesn’t make him brown at all.




like if not martok then what about gowron? 

is that not a white man made brown with make up?

I wish we talked about this more often. I absolutely love JG Hertzler as Martok, but surely there was no need to put him in brown face. It was a huge problem of the 60s trek that all the Klingons were in brownface, surely we didn’t need to perpetuate that into the 90s. They could have cast a person of colour as Martok or even just decided that Klingons had greater racial diversity than theuy’d been given in the sisties. They’d already changed the make-up to add the ridges, so why not that?

Nowhere is the problem of brownface and the Klingons more evident than in Apocalypse Rising, the opening episode of season 5 of of DS9. I  love this episode mostly because Avery Brooks is having a huge amount of fun and his enjoyment is infectious, but I am deeply uncomfortable with Colm Meaney and Rene Auberjonois in brownface. I can only imagine how Avery Brooks and Michael Dorn felt.

We need to talk about this more and ensure that for casting Klingons in the future either people of colour are hired, or we acknowledge greater racial diversity in the Klingons. I hope its mostly the former.

This is extremely uncomfortable and really needs to be addressed.

But they aren’t racially diverse? We rarely see any mixed breeding among Klingons and other races. We see their planet, it’s quite muggy and rarely a cloud if any in the sky. They came from creatures that looked like their prized Targs, as if their foreheads werent enough of a hint. This then coupled with the fact that Klingons appear to not need much light at all…

What purpose would a Klingon have to develop racial diversity? None. They very likely evolved with dark skin in mind because no need for sun or brightness. Very little need to reflect light in all that smog.

And please, lets not get into other issues and habitats, planetary orbits, etc. Klingons are not humans, and they wouldn’t follow the same evolutionary patterns as us, nor would there be any reason to assume they’d have racial diversity. “Humanoid” in shape or not. Just be glad they didnt make them all look like Xindi Aquatics or Insects because that’s exactly the level of difference we’d have between them, and thats just physically.


Don’t defend the racist choice of casting white actors and then putting them in brownface to be Klingons. Don’t rationalize this decision by using Trek-universe “logic.” Star Trek is not real. Humans created the idea of Klingons and their entire backstory and planet, and could have made them any way, but what they chose to do and how they chose to portray them on-screen, and the way they chose to rationalize this decision was racist, regardless of intention. Don’t tell people who are pointing out a problematic element in Star Trek to “just be glad” it’s not something else.

Woah I had no idea Gowron was played by a white actor. 0_0 

In fact the more Klingon actors I see the more whitewashed the cast seems to be. Are Worf and Kurn the only POC Klingon actors? :/

I’ve been thinking about his a lot lately because I’m def a Klingon fan and if I where ever to cosplay Trek I imagine cosplaying a Klingon would be really fun but like I’m nerdy to the extreme whiter than sour cream and I would feel way too weird about it.  Like even being an albino Klingon or something. X3 Like I haven’t felt like I can really justify that in any way enough to make myself comfortable.


People are reblogging that thing I wrote about how yes, asexual people do need representation and they do need ‘protection’ like other MOGII people. Which, hurray! But most of the tags are people going, “omg, Frogman is the best” etc etc… and yes, he is the best, but… I’m um… I’m the asexual one….

I think I was guilty of that, sorry Delling. :/ 

I was actually having a bit of a hard time on that front when you posted that, it really made me feel better. Imean I have a mad ‘punch them in the face’ reflex so of course I’m pretty enthusiastic about fish slapping but in all serious that got me though a family visit and I felt like you would understand if I needed someone to. 

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Pretty much





just fucking draw. don’t compare yourself to other people, don’t stop because you drew a lot last tuesday and you haven’t visibly improved. it takes time, effort, and a lot of perseverance. besides, no matter how “bad” you think you are, there’s still gonna be someone who thinks the stuff you produce is the best goddamn thing they’ve ever seen in their entire life. the artist you were five years ago would have their mind fucking blown by the artist you are today. so just draw a fuckton, because every new thing you draw is one drawing better than you were before.

so sick of people looking for a secret way to suddenly get better. It takes work, practice, perseverance, and you probably won’t get all the happy fun notes or really necessary money for it either. Fine, look at your work and cry a little, but keep it off the internet (and out of the public eye at all), and just keep fucking drawing




There is no secret. Just keep drawing.

;_; Rian your baby kid drawing is adorable. 




This is Daniel Cousins. He is a white man in his late 20s / early 30s, brown hair, blue eyes, piercing on left eyebrow, braces. Slurred speech. He usually catches the 314 / 316 / 317 at around 8am from Bondi Junction Interchange and then will spend the entire morning doing a circle of the city by bus, looking for girls to groom. He has reportedly also caught the 376 and the 389. He will sit next to schoolgirls and try to talk to them, get information about them, grab them and pull on their clothing. He will move seats throughout his journey to sit closer to girls. He sometimes sits next to girls traveling alone. I first encountered him about 3 years ago and have since reported him along with over ten people from my school. He has sexually harassed girls before. BEWARE OF THIS CREEP!!! If he sits close to you GET THE FUCK OUT!!! ALERT OTHER GIRLS ON THE BUS!!! He’ll act very shy to make you feel sorry for him DO NOT BE FOOLED!!! Please share this so we can protect each other.

PLEASE FILE A REPORT — If you have encountered this man please make a report to the detective working on this case: Louise Rodden at Maroubra Police Station. We are currently building a case against him.

I’ve seen this man twice on the 373 and 316. BE WARY. He is very intense, and aggressive. Be firm with him, and don’t let him play you.


You know what would be cool in an MMORPG?

If every piece of armor had, like, three different designs - skimpy, average, and max coverage. For all genders. So if you wanted to play a female character who dressed like a tank, or a male character who dressed like an exotic dancer, you could, without…

Very yes. ;_; I would like a gorgeous shiny functional chestplate for my female tank plz. 

Actually Aion is kind of decent on the cool armor front? Like I have a female tank with plate armor currently and it looks identical to the male version. Once you start lvling up it looks like you start getting more options per lvl with different looking functional armor. 

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